5 Reasons Everyone Should Have a 911 App

5 Reasons Everyone Should Have a 911 App

#1. 911 can’t locate wireless callers

Did you know that 911 often can’t locate wireless callers? For the most part, 911 relies on retrieving the caller’s location from the cell phone’s carrier. During Phase I, the carrier only sends the location of the cell tower to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). During Phase II, the carrier attempts to send an estimated location within 300 meters of the caller. Unfortunately the location data is often not received, the call has ended before the data is received, and the location data is often inaccurate by hundreds of meters. If you use a 911 app like eMERGE 911, your location can be sent directly to 911.

#2. Most people don’t know their location during an emergency

During an emergency, people feel panicked and unsure of their exact location. Connecting with 911 does little good if the caller cannot tell the operator where he or she is. With eMERGE 911, your exact location will flash at the top of your phone screen during your call to 911.

Live emergency tracking displayed on an iPhone.

#3. Alert family and friends

The truth of the matter is that your family and friends care about your well being and know you well. If for some reason you cannot connect with 911 directly, your family and friends will receive a text message with your exact GPS location and type of emergency. Alerting family and friends will greatly increase your chances of receiving the help you need during a crisis.

#4. Pre-formatted texts

911 apps, like eMERGE 911, will construct your text message to 911 and your emergency contacts for you. This will save you a significant amount of time. When time is of the essence, every second counts!

#5. Emergency tracking & Live Video

Not only will 911 and your emergency contacts receive your exact location, but they will be able to track your location until you end the alert. With eMERGE 911, you will have the option to stream a live video to first responders if necessary. Due to the potential nature of the live video, only 911 will be able to connect to this video call.


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