• Help Right at Your Fingertips

    Double-tap one of the five emergency buttons, including an Active Shooter button, to send a text to 9-1-1 and Emergency Contacts.

  • Real Time Emergency Tracking

    During an emergency, your emergency contacts and 911 will be able to track your location on a map!

  • Stream Live Video

    After you send an emergency text message to 911 and your emergency contacts, you will have the option to either end the alert or start a live video. The live video will be available to 911.

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Help Right At Your Fingertips


finger tapping on phone screenHome screen of eMERGE 911 with 5 emergency buttons (Call 911, Police, Medical, Fire, and Active Shooter.

No Call Centers

Feel confident that your calls and texts are going DIRECTLY to 911.

GPS Technology

eMERGE 911 uses your smartphone’s GPS technology to help 911 and your emergency contacts find you during an emergency.

Speed Dial

Quickly call 9-1-1, alert your emergency contacts, and retrieve your location.

Specialized Texts to 911

The four lower buttons are texting options. Each text message includes your name, phone number, GPS location, and type of help requested.

More Details

Personal Profile

We collect some personal details from you to increase your chances of receiving help during an emergency. The more information we have, the better!

Personal Details

We request your full name, gender, date of birth, phone number, and a recent photo to assist 9-1-1 and your Emergency Contacts in identifying and locating you.

Emergency Contacts

You may add up to 3 Emergency Contacts. We store the names and phone numbers of your Emergency Contacts. In the event of an emergency, 9-1-1 will have access the the names and phone numbers of these contacts.

Home Address

We request your home address to assist 9-1-1 and your Emergency Contacts in locating you.

eMERGE 911 Profile Menu

Emergency Tracking

During an emergency, your emergency contacts and 9-1-1 will receive a text message with a link to your Emergency Tracking Webpage. From that link, they will be able to track your location on a map! This is where 9-1-1 and your Emergency Contacts will have access to your personal details including:


Your profile includes your personal details such as your name, home address, date of birth, and phone number.

Emergency Contacts

The names and phone numbers of your Emergency Contacts will be listed here.


The phone number to the closest PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) will also be available. This is important for Emergency Contacts who are located far away from you.

Live emergency tracking webpage example

Stream Live Video

While your Emergency Tracking is active, you will have the option to stream a live video. This video will NOT be available to your Emergency Contacts. Once a 9-1-1 operator is viewing your Emergency Tracking Webpage, the live video will be available to connect.


The live videos are streamed in realtime.

Secure Streaming

Industry standard encryption and authentication practices are used to keep your live videos secure.

High Quality

Video resolution is configured to provide you with the clearest picture.

Seamless Technology

9-1-1 will be able to track your location and watch the live video at the same time.

Press Start Live Video to share a live video with 9-1-1 or press End Alert to end the emergency tracking.

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We also offer GROUP RATES. For questions or information on how to keep your organization safe, please contact us.

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Specialized Texts to 911

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What is my Activation Code for eMERGE 911 Government Services?

Activation Codes are purchased by Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) for their communities. If you have not gotten word from your local government about your free Activation Code, please contact us. If your local government has not purchased an Activation Code for your area, you can still purchase a subscription of the eMERGE 911 application by downloading it from your phone’s app store.

Why do you need my home address?

Our number one priority is making sure that you can be located during an emergency. GPS systems sometimes experience difficulty when a user is indoors which could cause the location to be off by 50 meters or so. By collecting your home address, we are giving 911 and your emergency contacts a better chance of locating you during an emergency. Home addresses are especially useful when the user lives in an apartment or condo.

What if Text-to-911 is not available in my area?
If Text-to-911 is not available in your area, you will receive a bounce back text message when you attempt to text 911 using the application. However, the texts will still be delivered to your emergency contacts. The Call 9-1-1 functionality of the application will still be fully functional. For more information about where Text-to-911 is available, please check the list provided by the FCC.
How do I unsubscribe?
iOS Instructions:

Open the Settings app on your iPhone
Tap iTunes & App Store
Tap your Apple ID
Tap View Apple ID. Sign in if necessary.
Under Subscriptions, tap Manage.
Tap eMERGE 911
Turn off Automatic Renewal

Android Instructions:

Go to payments.google.com
Along the left side of your screen, select Bills and accounts.
Select eMERGE 911 Subscription > Cancel subscription.

Please help us improve eMERGE 911. We would love to know your thoughts about the app. Please email us at service@emerge911.com.

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Please contact us if you have any questions or if you are interested in getting eMERGE 911 Government Services for your community or organization.